gdpr in english

Kantar Gallup’s existence depends on the collection and processing of answers of regular citizens, wherefore correct and secure management of data is of utmost importance to us.

We guarantee that the many thousands of Danish citizens, who participate daily to our efforts in delivering decision-ready information to our customers, can safely answer our questions, knowing that they will remain completely anonymous to our customers – and that the link between their identity and their answers only exist within our systems as long as the data processing is active.

We never pass on personally identifiable information to our customers, unless with specific consent from the participant, and during the data processing only a few selected employees have access to our participants contact information. These employees work under confidentiality, and their work procedures are regularly revised in both internal and external audits in compliance with the ISO Certifications 9001 and 20252.

By participating in our surveys, you give permission to Kantar Gallup – unless you are otherwise informed when giving your consent – to store your contact information and answers up to four years. All data is stored and processed according to the guidelines set by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your answers may be used for statistical analysis, market research, public opinion surveys and segmentation surveys.

Furthermore, Kantar Gallup subscribe to the standards of the international organization for market research companies, ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research).

Which data is collected by Kantar Gallup?

In principle, Kantar Gallup can ask any kind of questions. Members of Kantar Gallup’s panels can seek information regarding the data collection from each panel’s hotline. For a participant in an isolated survey, the contact information and the answers provided will constitute the collected data.


Kantar Gallup’s costumers will only receive the results of their surveys in a statistically processed form, so no answers of any individual participant can be identified. In specific cases, a participant can be asked if they wish for their identity to be passed on to the costumer, for example in regards to a customer satisfaction survey, where both parties can benefit from our costumer being made aware of a specific situation. In these cases, the participant will always have the option of maintaining their anonymity.

Deletion of personal data

Kantar Gallup have established specific procedures and routines for the anonymization and deletion of the personal data of our participants. These routines are automated and subject to routine inspections.

Your rights as a participant

Your participation in our surveys is voluntary, regardless of whether it is in an isolated survey or in one of our many panels, and at any time, you can inform us that you wish to finalize your participation.

We fully understand that one can have reservations answering questions of a particularly personal nature, and in these cases, the option of refraining from answering will always exist.

You have the right to be informed which personal data we have registered in relations to your participation in our surveys. This information can be provided to you, if you send a request to our hotline for personal data. If our information about you is faulty, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. When we receive a request regarding personal data, we will require specific identification to assure that it is the correct person making the request.

Requests regarding personal data

You can contact our hotline for personal data at



This is a translation of the Danish original. In case of any doubt or dispute, the Danish original takes precedence.